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Updated: Apr 17

When we attended the @supremedancecomp grand final on Saturday, unfortunately we were 2 DANCERS DOWN (due to illness - Erin and @dancer.daisy_ we missed you 😢) and we had to RE-SPACE 4 GROUP DANCES ON THE DAY!

It was already an extremely busy day as there were 2 theatres running at the same time, but it was even busier for us as every gap we had we were sorting out spacing for the routines.

Some students had to learn new parts that they didn’t already do and @amy_g_dancer stepped up and filled in parts of some of the dances. Well done and thank you Amy!

On top of this @lucylg_dance learnt a trio routine 20 MINS BEFORE GOING ON and danced amazingly and @dancer.beaa stepped in last minute for another trio. Incredible work!

The way our team pulled together completely blew me away. They were like true professionals and I am so proud of every single person. 💙💙💙

Thank you @supremedancecomp @clairec0ldwell for being so helpful and accommodating throughout the whole day. You run a truly amazing competition and we were so glad to be a part of it 🥰


10-12yrs Jazz Solos

1st place - Eva

10yrs & under Cabaret Groups

3rd Place - Jump, Move, Shake, Drop

8yrs & Under Jazz Solos

1st place - Tahira

11yrs & under duos/trios

1st place - Tahira & Presley

11-12yrs Cabaret Groups

1st place - That 70s Vibe

11-14yrs Street/Commercial Groups

1st place - Back To The 00’s

11-14yrs Classical Groups

1st Place - My Mind

2nd place - Rescue

12-14yrs Lyrical Solos

1st place - Eva

12-13yrs Duos/Trios

2nd place - Me Too

3rd place - What Was I Made For?


DANCE CHALLENGE (9yrs & under)

Top 12 - Tahira

DANCE CHALLENGE (11 & 12yrs)

Winner - Eva

Starlet Dancer - Tahira

Rising Star Dancer - Eva

Technique award - Absolute Arts

Overall highest scoring group - That 70’s Vibe

The work from our team so far this season has been brilliant and I can’t wait to continue watching such amazing achievements in the new year. Thank you teachers, parents and students for being a part of our wonderful dance family 💙

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