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Applause Dance Events May 2024

What a lovely time we had at @applause_dance_events 🧡

We had so much fun offstage as well as on stage - oh how I love this little dance family!

We didn’t get many photos or vids as we were too busy enjoying the moment… but luckily I got a cracking backstage rehearsal clip (thankfully they danced better than they sang 😂) and a little special close up of someone 👌


Inter Novice Stage Duets

1st Place - Clap Snap

Inter Medal Stage Duets

1st Place - Hot Lunch Jam

Inter Medal Stage Trios

1st Place - Me Too

Mini Medal Jazz Solos

1st Place - Tahira

2nd Place - Presley

Inter Medal Lyrical Solos

1st Place - Eva

2nd Place - Daisy

Junior Novice Ballet Solos

3rd Place - Evie G

Inter Novice Own Arrangement Solos

2nd Place - Ava

Mini Medal Stage Duets

1st place - Proud Mary

Inter Medal Jazz Solos

1st place - Eva

3rd place - Ava

Mini Medal Lyrical Solos

1st place - Presley

2nd place - Delilah

Mini Medal Stage Troupes

1st place - Spice Fever

Inter Medal Stage Troupes

2nd place - Jump Move Shake Drop

Senior Medal Stage Troupes

1st Place - Back To The 00’s

2nd place - That 70’s Vibe

Senior Medal Classical Troupes

1st place - My Mind

3rd Place - Rescue


Choreography Award - That 70’s Vibe

Overall highest scoring group - Back To The 00’s

Highest Scoring Jazz Solo - Eva

Highest scoring mini duet - Presley & Tahira

Highest scoring inter duet - Hot Lunch Jam

Overall highest scoring solo of whole competition - Eva

Overall highest scoring duet of whole competition - Hot Lunch Jam

Judges choice

Mini - Tahira

Inter - Eva

Amazing! 🤩🤩🤩

Some really fantastic performances at this festival- feeling super proud! Well done everyone!

Can’t believe we only have one more competition left for this season!

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